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From Damascus, one of the world most ancient cities, we'd like to tell you a story, seen through our traditional industries and showing a picture of the historical Damascus, the amazing, ageless city incomparable to any other you may have visited.
We are Nawaf Al Masri and Sons, a closely-knit family team specializing in the typical traditional artistic handicrafts of Damascus. Our company was established in 1958, but our working methods date back centuries, continuing the ways inherited from our grandfathers.
We have a production line of tens of skilled artists, which enables us to meet big orders; but we also gladly accept small orders, and ship both large and small to our customers in any country around the world. We invite you to view our products and see for yourself the beauty and high quality of our artwork.
We specialize in wholesale of our fine products (prices shown here are our wholesale prices in US Dollars, not including cargo shipping). If you are a dealer looking for new, attractive products of such kind, please check example images and low prices of our merchandise. As usual with wholesale, prices are reduced with larger quantities. We offer low minimum orders, so as to help small businesses around the world to introduce the finest Arabian furniture and crafts.
The famous Syrian brocade silk is available both by the yard, and as finished garment products (ties, vests, shawls, etc.) Your business inquires are most welcome, and we are sure that our line of products will add to your company's success. We are proud to be the suppliers to some of the most prestigious customers in the world, whose orders we fulfill to their full satisfaction. (List of some of our customers available on request.)
If you are located in Canada or America, Europe, Australia or other western country, or if you plan to use secure credit card payment on-line, then for added security, speedy service, and ease of delivery please contact our sole representatives - Arabian Nights Imports Ltd. in Victoria, Canada. You can also order wholesale through Arabian Nights Imports Web site (secure on-line payment). In case of larger wholesale orders, you can order through Arabian Nights Imports Ltd., but it can be shipped to you directly from us via air cargo or container, depending on your location - if it is more economical for you. Thank you for your interest, we hope you enjoy our fine products.


Our selection includes:

  • Mosaic: This is wood inlaid with beautiful patterns made up of different colored wood, produced from Rosewood, Walnut, Lime, Apricot and Olive tree, and further enhanced by mother-of-pearl. Traditional Islamic and Arabian patterns are the core of mosaic art.

  • Engraved wood: This is wood skillfully inlaid with mother-of-pearl and tin. Furniture done in such method are beautiful, really worth the sultan's palace.

  • Brass work: Various home decor objects made of engraved brass, often with silver inlays. All these highly artistic and intricate artifacts are hand made with the use of very simple tools. The best examples of such artwork can be found in the most prestigious international museums like the Louvre in Paris.

  • Brocard (Silk Brocade): Exquisite silk textile typical of Damascus, made in various colors (usually with golden thread) and beautiful woven designs and patterns. The traditional name Brocard is a local word relating to the city of Damascus. This opulent silk is famous not only in Syria, but also around the world as the finest Middle Eastern fabric.
  • Painted Carvings on Wood: All ancient Damascus houses were decorated with magnificent carvings and paintings on walls, ceilings and doors. We continue this traditional work at the possibly best level of craftsmanship. (Best example - our doors and windows).

  • Furniture: All kinds of traditional furniture specific to Damascus. While preserving the traditional shapes and breathtaking ornamentation, we make these furniture items adapted to fit today's needs. Beautifully carved and inlaid chairs, armchairs, tables, cabinets, mirror frames, etc.

  • Bronze Artwork: This line is produced by one of our brothers, Nawaf-Al-Masri, who received university fine art education.
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